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 //This is an initiative by the [[http://atarigamer.com|Atari Gamer]] website in collaboration with the [[https://atariage.com/forums/forum/53-atari-lynx-programming/|AtariAge Lynx Programming Forum]]// //This is an initiative by the [[http://atarigamer.com|Atari Gamer]] website in collaboration with the [[https://atariage.com/forums/forum/53-atari-lynx-programming/|AtariAge Lynx Programming Forum]]//
 +===== How to Contribute =====
 +Anyone can register for an account to edit this wiki, however to keep content up to standard and spam-free we require that you follow instructions on the [[contribute|Contribute Content to Atari Lynx Dev Wiki]] page. Registering for an account will not grant you immediate editor privileges. If you are stuck, you can always post on the forums in this thread - [[https://atariage.com/forums/topic/315782-atari-lynx-dev-wiki/|Atari Lynx Dev Wiki]].
 +Join our Discord chat! We have a **#lynx-dev** channel to discuss any Lynx development topics - https://discord.gg/SnDrdJTkUk
 +===== Guidelines =====
 +To keep this wiki on-subject, any content added to it must follow certain guidelines. This is meant to be a wiki for **developers**, be it software or hardware. The following information can be included:
 +  * Technical documentation and diagrams
 +  * Programming resources (6502 Assembly or C, any other available coding tool for the Lynx like [[lynx:basilynx|Basilynx]])
 +  * Emulators, debuggers, compilers, tools for building games
 +  * Links to development resources such as pixel art, chip tunes, MIDI, etc
 +This wiki **is not** a game database. All game information is stored in the [[https://atarigamer.com/lynx/games|Atari Gamer's Lynx Games database]]. If you would like to have your homebrew game or demo listed, please [[https://atarigamer.com/pages/contact|contact Atari Gamer]].
 +Please follow the existing structure as defined in the side-bar, if you have any sections that you feel need to be added/merged/removed, get in contact with one of the [[admins|admins]]. See the [[wiki:syntax|Formatting Syntax]] page on details of the supported markup and available syntax plugins.
 ===== Latest Changes ===== ===== Latest Changes =====