Compilers for Atari Lynx

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The CC65 compiler is a great starting point for Lynx coding - you can use it for both C and ASM compilation and linking. It also has a graphics library called TGI that makes Lynx coding relatively easy.

Building CC65

CC65 can be built from source on any *NIX compatible system with the following commands. Note that these commands assume you want to get the latest source for CC65 and are only interested in compiling your code for the Lynx. CC65 can be used to compile for many other 6502 based systems, if you are after that, please adjust the targets accordingly.

Note: Due to some “fixes” that were done in the latest release of CC65, it is recommended to get the code for the 2.19 version ( and use that instead.

git clone --single-branch
cd cc65
make all TARGETS=lynx

Once CC65 is built, the cc65/bin directory will contain all of the binaries and cc65/lib will contain the Lynx library. To build Lynx code all you need to do is include the cc65/bin directory in your PATH. For example…

export CC65_HOME=`pwd`
export PATH="$CC65_HOME/bin:$PATH"


LLVM-MOS provides a BLL format “.o” executable file output for the Lynx. It is meant to produce better code than CC65. This section needs more details added.

Other Compilers

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Karri's CC65 Compiler

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