Atari Lynx Emulation

In order to test your ROMs you can use emulation. It's quick and easy to set up and debug/test your games in an emulator before testing them out on real hardware. For a comprehensive list of Atari Lynx emulators please refer to this page over at Atari Gamer.

All (mature) lynx emulators, even if embedded into other products, are based on the “handy” emulator code by K.W.. Development was stoped years ago, since then there is no organized bug fixing nor development ongoing. Several (even commercial) emulators use nowadays the handy core from retroarch.

Emulator Status
Mednafen Active development Works on Windows/Linux/*BSD
Handy Lynx Emulator (Windows) Not in current development This version is not updated since several years. It is missing bugfixes and new features
Installing Handy an Atari Lynx emulator on macOS
Retroarch Emulator Active development Requires 'cores', Lynx cores are based either on Handy or Mednafen
Online Lynx Emulator Web browser only Runs the web version of RetroArch using the Handy core
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