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Atari Lynx model 1 (top) and 2 (bottom)Fig. 1 Welcome to the Atari Lynx Developer Resources community pages. This site attempts to aggregate and consolidate all of the information you will need to start coding for the Lynx, including console hardware documentation, compilers and related tool chain programs, online tools and information on where to find graphics and sound assets.

Lets get Lynxing on the first and the original colour handheld console from the 1989!

This is an initiative by the Atari Gamer website in collaboration with the AtariAge Lynx Programming Forum

How to Contribute

Anyone can register for an account to edit this wiki, however to keep content up to standard and spam-free we require that you follow instructions on the Contribute Content to Atari Lynx Dev Wiki page. Registering for an account will not grant you immediate editor privileges. If you are stuck, you can always post on the forums in this thread - Atari Lynx Dev Wiki.

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To keep this wiki on-subject, any content added to it must follow certain guidelines. This is meant to be a wiki for developers, be it software or hardware. The following information can be included:

  • Technical documentation and diagrams
  • Programming resources (6502 Assembly or C, any other available coding tool for the Lynx like Basilynx)
  • Emulators, debuggers, compilers, tools for building games
  • Links to development resources such as pixel art, chip tunes, MIDI, etc

This wiki is not a game database. All game information is stored in the Atari Gamer's Lynx Games database. If you would like to have your homebrew game or demo listed, please contact Atari Gamer.

Please follow the existing structure as defined in the side-bar, if you have any sections that you feel need to be added/merged/removed, get in contact with one of the admins. See the Formatting Syntax page on details of the supported markup and available syntax plugins.

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